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Headquartered in San Diego, Mitek Mobile (NASDAQ: MITK) is engaged in the development, sale and support of its patented, proprietary mobile imaging solutions. Mitek’s mobile imaging software allows users to remotely deposit checks, pay bills, get insurance quotes, and transfer credit card balances by snapping a picture with their camera-equipped smartphones and tablets instead of using the device keyboard. Mitek’s technology increases convenience for the consumer by eliminating the need to go to the bank branch or automated teller machine, and dramatically reduces processing and customer acquisition costs while increasing customer retention. With a strong patent portfolio, Mitek is positioned as the leading innovator in mobile imaging software and currently provides its solutions to Fortune 500 financial services companies.

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Apr 2, 2014
Mitek Announces 2,000 Financial Institutions Signed for Mobile Deposit(R)

Mar 27, 2014
Major Bank Licenses Mitek's Mobile Deposit and Mobile Photo Bill Pay

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